Don't Deal With the Mess and Stress of Repainting Your Home

Leave your project to a local painting contractor in Amityville, NY

If you want to re-energize your living areas but you don't have the money for a full remodel, Archie's Painting Company has a solution for you. Hire our pros to provide residential painting services in Amityville, NY. With our help, painting is easy. We'll handle everything from the prep work to doing final touch-ups up to 60 days after your appointment.

Choose a painting contractor you can count on

Looking for a local painting contractor to update your home's interior? Our experts have over 10 years of experience doing everything from wall and trim painting to mantle and cabinet staining. Any time your space needs a little color, reach out to us for help.

Rely on us to help with your next remodel or home addition. Contact us today to request a complimentary estimate for our residential painting services.

Change the vibe of your living area

The color you choose for your space can change how you feel once you enter the room. That's why it's important to pick your paint color carefully.

Consider using a:

Dark shade of red to make your bedroom feel cozy

Bright shade of white to make your kitchen feel larger and cleaner

Light shade of blue to make your bathroom feel relaxing

Not sure which color to choose for your space? Call 516-658-3161 now to get advice from our local painting contractor.